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July 31, 2008

Bridges to Kindergarten

In just one short week, I will start my third summer school session. I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of a groundbreaking program that hopefully will grow in the coming years. I will be co-teaching with a kindergarten teacher and the students will have an opportunity to have class in a kindergarten classroom. There are several goals we are hoping to accomplish with this bridge to kindergarten.
Students and their families will become familiar with their child’s elementary school. It will provide an opportunity for students and their families to do this without the “first day of school distractions.” In addition, students will participate in learning readiness activities that encourage language development and social emotional interaction. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in a Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. This model of teaching allows students to work at their own pace, represent what they have learned in their own creations and share their work with peers, teachers and their families. Our half-day program will serve as a shortened version of the all day Kindergarten classes. Students will participate in all daily activities including time allotted for specialties: art, physical education, music and media center. Students will learn how to use materials and what to expect from each of the classrooms. Last, but not least, the hope is that students will be energized and excited to start the school year!
One thing I am looking forward to is the feedback and reflection of this new endeavor. It will be interesting to see what the kindergarten teachers, parents and school administrators observe during the first few weeks of the school year. As I make my reminder calls, I hear the voices of so many five- and six-year olds. They are excited to get back to school and more than ready to cross over the bridge…to kindergarten!


I wanted to invite you contribute to a MEME a friend began on her blog. Her name is Nancy Flanagan and her blog is Teacher in a Strange Land.


The topic is: Meme: Five Things Policymakers Ought to Know

Here is a link to my post:


I thought you might have something to say about preschool policy since you really seem to know what you are doing with kids.


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