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September 15, 2008

Parenting and Pre-K In Web 2.0

Parenting is one of those skills that has benefited from the advent of Web 2.0. Since the internet became interactive with blogs, discussion boards, and wikis, parents who are connected have been able to find their views on parenting, even if they are different from their parents' views, validated by a broader community. This idea got me thinking about how I could find some great parenting websites and I thought I would ask our readers for suggestions. You may be thinking, what does this have to do with Pre-K? The answer, everything. If teachers and parents of young children understand each other better, children will have richer lives. Here is one great site I found. It is called the Parenting Post: Where Moms and Dads Get Real. It has this awesome post by Daring Young Mom about her son and some of the things she wants to teach her son. Here are just a couple of the lessons she would like her son to master. As a father of an almost 4 year-old, I can relate to them all too well.

  1. If you’re playing tag with someone and he doesn’t know you’re playing tag with him, it’s just unprovoked violence.

  2. If your older sister asks you to stop touching her, she will not be satisfied until you stop... One finger is not okay. Neither is one forehead, one toenail or one nostril. If she says no touching, she means NO touching.

  3. GO TO BED!

Another great blog I read is by my friend Becky Suder. Her blog Can I Tell You Something? is about raising a teenager, a younger child and the rest of the family. She writes about "everything and nothing." About kids, family life, raising boys and meeting budgets. About fulfilling goals, and about being a wife, sister, mother and friend.

What are some great parent websites out there? Please leave some links in the comment section. Just copy the address and past the whole thing.



The web has become a new teaching tool for our children. Fortunately the web can be a fun teaching tool that children can enjoy. Our kids like www.k5stars.com where they can learn reading, spelling and math games. This means they can learn 12 months of the year, but also in a very entertaining and engaging way.


Abigail :)

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