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October 22, 2008

"Maybe it's more than the moon..."

People may think I am crazy, but I tend to believe the position of the moon affects my students.  Research says there is statistically no relation, but I must say, what happens the day before and the day after a full moon just feels different! 


The last full moon happened last week on Tuesday.  My students, now used to our routine and the expectations for our class, were just a little off.  What is most interesting to me is that by “off” I don’t mean “bad.”  Let me give a few examples, to set the scene!


Randall came in to our morning class and was walking towards the writing table to do his morning work.  He reached the table.  Pulled out his chair, walked around to the other side of the chair, and then just seemed to fall over!  Certainly balance and motor coordination are developmental.  However, Randall is able, on most days, stand on one foot for more than 15 seconds. 


Darren was working in dramatic play and was serving his friends some coffee and cookies when he found a broom, green sunglasses and began to walk around our room inviting people to come with him on “an amazing journey.”


Sarah, a very quiet student in our afternoon class, was calmly completing a puzzle on the carpet.  All of the sudden she was chatting to no one and eventually said to me, “Karissa, I think I forgot my brain at home!”



These stories just skim the surfaces of the funny, confusing and odd things that I witnessed last week.  Because researchers and scientist have not found a significant relationship between human behavior and lunar cycles, I will have to be satisfied knowing that my beliefs only play into age-old folklore. 


The beauty of pre-kindergarten students is, they are growing physically, emotionally and cognitively with each passing day.  As an adult, you never know where their inquisitive and imaginative minds will take you.  Just when you think you have figured it out…the moon is full again!


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