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January 14, 2009


We have a student who has been in the hospital.  Although he is very new to our class, other students have noticed.  Today I explained his situation.  All of the sudden, a fairly quiet, reserved and sometimes day-dreamy student gasped and with a twinkle in his eye, he said, “I know! With all of your help we can make a card to send to Brian!  I know we can do it!”  And with great confidence, he set off to make a difference.


There is another student in my class that requires assistance from a special education assistant.  She, too, has captured the hearts of my other students.  My favorite observation occurred before our winter break.  Every day we have a circle time when we greet each student. The greeting we were working on starts with the students having to find their name stick on the carpet.  Then as I sing a song, they come and put the stick in my container.  I have a student who speaks very little English but, for some reason, that day he was very intent on helping Laura.  When I called her name he pointed at her stick and then stood up, took her hand and helped her up.  From that day on, he has helped her do her jobs in our classroom, plays with her, and asks about her when she is not at school.  I am not sure what sparked this connection but it continually affirms that love and kindness are universal and unconditional.  It doesn’t matter what language you speak or what challenges you are facing, you are able to show others that you care. 


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