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September 11, 2009

Green Preschool Practices

Earth In pre-k some of the first concepts we teach are to identify and name primary colors. Colors are important because they help us organize the classroom and they help students to become aware of the world around themselves. Teaching children to memorize colors is one of the first ways we address academic learning, ie learning that does not necessarily have to do with survival. There are thousands of lessons on the internet to teach colors. Most teachers start with red. The STOP sign is a great way to introduce red and it can help students learn management cues. The teacher can hold up a stop sign when it is time for kids to transition to another activity.

This week I saw a great way to teach the color green. Usually we associate green with grass, leaves, and natural settings. Jennifer Mortarulo on The Alternative Press suggested that pre-k teachers capitalize on the green movement by teaching environmentally sound classroom practices in connection with the color green. Some of these ideas are really great and can be taught as classroom habits in the Fall and impact your classroom all year.

Here are some easy, green habits kids can learn:

• When using the sink, keep the water flow to a pencil-thin stream. This way they won’t waste water.

• Only use one sheet of paper towel to dry little hands. Less is more.

Recycle the materials used in the classroom. Everything is better the second time around.

 Turn off the lights in any room that is not being used to conserve energy. Sunlight is usually enough light.

• Spend time outdoors. There is no better way to involve kids in nature than by playing outside.

• Pick up trash. It’s easy to do and makes a world of difference.

• Set a good example. If you do little things to help the earth, your kids will follow your lead.

Getting kids involved with being green is the future. And the earlier you teach them green habits, the more likely they are to stay with them for years to come.


Try some out and let us know how they work.

Image: https://greenoptions.com/tag/preschool


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