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July 16, 2010

Thank You, Dear Reader

IMG_3992 Dear Reader,


You have made this space a valuable forum for connecting and sharing what is important in pre-k education. I have very much enjoyed writing for you, to you, and about you on this blog, which has been a part of the Pew Center on the States’ Pre-K Now campaign


My term as blogger for Inside Pre-K and the blog itself will be ending on August 1. The content will remain up as a resource and reminder of the importance of pre-k, and I will continue to blog at the early learning website, Emergent Learner.


Inside Pre-K began with Sophia Pappas, a Teach for America pre-k teacher in New Jersey. She wrote each week about the marvelous and intricate world of a public pre-k classroom. After Sophia came Vanessa Levin, an inspiring, seasoned pre-k professional. She wrote with great passion about how awesome it is to be a pre-k teacher. We still get more referrals from her website, Pre-K Pages, than any other site. Simultaneously a young teacher who, much like Sophia, Karissa Oren, shared her on-the-job learning, discoveries, personal and professional growth within her Minnesota pre-k classroom.


Jennifer Rosenbaum and I joined Inside Pre-K at the same time.  Also from the Teach for America fleet, Jennifer had a knack for bringing her students’ voices into her writing.


I think it’s safe to say writing for you has helped us to better understand early childhood education, teaching within the profession, and how to further the pre-k agenda in the classroom, at our schools, in our districts -- and even at the state and federal levels.  Not to mention, it has helped us to learn more about ourselves.


Before my last blog entry, I’d like to publish a list of the top posts in Inside Pre-K history, and I need your help. If you have a moment and remember a post from the past four years please leave a comment referencing it below.

I look forward to your responses.

Thank you,

J.M. Holland

Image: See - Saw or Childhood Revised by J.M. Holland


As someone who reads Inside Pre-K religiously, an advocate for early learning, and a passionate technophile who is eager for our field use technology to advance our work and inform the public, I'm disheartened to learn that Inside Pre-K is ending. I am eager to learn more about why the blog will end and if the discontinuation of the blog is a signal of a change of direction for Pew's Center for the States.

I think it is safe to say that these are unprecedented times in our field. The spotlight is shining our way as never before. Social media, and blogs specifically, are playing a huge part in the effort to inform policymakers, voters, and practitioners. Inside Pre-K is unique among the other blogs because the perspective-- that of professional, articulate, dynamic, and creative teachers offering a glimpse into their world and connecting the dots between policy and practice. Losing that voice will leave a huge void. There are far too few reliable and professional blogs in our field. At a time when we should see a proliferation of social media engagement in early care and education, I can't help but wonder why Pre-K Now would decide to pull the plug on such a high-profile and valuable resource. Is this a funding challenge or a change of direction? Will we continue to see Pew Center for The States play a part in early learning reform?

I have read far too many enlightening and engaging posts on Inside Pre-K to offer my thoughts about which was best, but the whole of the blog has had significant impact on the perceptions of practitioners and policymakers alike.

I would like to thank you, Sophia, Karissa, Vanessa, and Jennifer for letting me into your worlds and sharing your insights. I hope there will be a change of heart about the decision to discontinue the blog, and I will be able to stay connected with the mission of Inside Pre-K every week.

Fran Simon
Engagement Strategies, LLC

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