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My name is Jennifer. I teach three-year-old pre-kindergarten at a public school in Washington, DC.
Upon meeting my first class of students, I was filled with excitement and anxiety; I had spent four years studying human development at Cornell University, the past year working at Pre-K Now, and the past five weeks being trained as a Teach For America corps member, and now it was my responsibility to provide a high-quality pre-k education to thirteen young children. The potential was tremendous, but also daunting.
As my year went on, I began to see the benefits of high quality pre-k that I had read about in so many research studies and policy briefs come to light before my eyes. Jamiyah, whose frequent temper tantrums had initially made it difficult for her to participate in group activities, had learned to write her name and was able to lead a new student through our classroom routines. Jasmine, who cried straight through the first two weeks of school, begged her mother to come to school when she was sick. And Stephen, who came to school knowing the names of nearly all the letters, astounded his mother when he began saying things like "Mommy…that starts with 'M' like Makiera!"
These individual successes remind me every day of why I love teaching pre-k. I teach my students the foundational academic, social, and emotional skills that they will need to succeed in school and in life, and the results are tangible every day.
This year I will be completing my master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from George Mason University. As I enter into my second year in the classroom, I am excited to meet my new students and their families, and collaborate to make the most of our time together.

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