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My name is Vanessa, and I teach pre-kindergarten in an urban pre-k-5th grade public school in the Dallas area.
Unlike some, teaching does not run in my family. I grew up in Michigan. My father is retired from the auto industry, and my mother is a part-time librarian. My younger brother is an engineer and also works in the auto industry. My cousin Paul is a teacher, however, prompting us to believe that it is in the genes – it's just a recessive trait.
My pre-k journey has spanned two continents, three states, and 15 years. I have taught in public and private schools and in a Head Start program. My current position is very rewarding, allowing me to combine my desires to teach young children, serve children from less well-to-do families, and help children learn English as a second language. The best part of my job is that my students share my passion – the more they enjoy and love school, the more I love what I do.
When I'm not in "teacher mode," I enjoy spending time with my four pets (three cats and a dog) and reading. My most recent favorites are Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides.

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I teach pre-k at a community-based center in Minnesota. more...
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I teach pre-k at an elementary school in Texas. more...

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I taught pre-k at an inner-city public school in New Jersey. more...

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