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December 10, 2006


Carla Weir

Hi Sophia,

I'll be following your reflections! I'd also like to share with you our parent involvement and school readiness program, HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parent of Preschool Youngsters) and hope you will check out my blog! We'll encourage each other!

Sophia Pappas


Thanks for the note. I look forward to checking out your blog and learning about your own parent involvement strategies. The more great ideas, the better.

Tracey Campbell

Hi Sophia,

It is so refreshing to read your enthusiasm. I spent 5 years as a teacher in Atlantic City public Pre-K and it was the most rewarding and fruitful five years of my career. The items you write about are so close to my own personal experience I feel as though I am reading my own words. I have taken my experiences on the road and I am an advocate for early childhood education and I am trying to raise the bar (preschool for all children as well as teacher credentials) for the early preschool years. I conduct a educational workshop "parent participation in the preschool classroom" a big hit in the inner city schools. I am interested in hearing more from you. Keep up the good work and may we continue to advocate for those that are too young to do so themselves!

Tracey Campbell

Sophia Pappas


Thanks for the note and encouraging words. I would love to hear more about your parent participation workshop in terms of its content, response from parents, and the cities in which you have presented it. I was actually thinking of creating my own early literacy workshop for parents in my district focusing on making the most of story time and building awareness of everyday uses of print.

I also feel strongly about improving teacher quality, which w can can to in subsequent conversations.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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