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May 30, 2007



Each year we have a few students leave during the year. This gives us a jumping off point to get ready for the end of the year. I often talk about when they (the student) will leave me and how I might handle it. Our students often change schools many times during their formative years that it is important to start early and ease into the change.

Sophia Pappas

Thanks, Kathleen. I think it's important for advocates and others interested in pre-k to understand the transient nature of many of our young student populations and the impact such instability can have on the emotional development of children. I am glad that teachers such as you are proactive about helping children deal with those situations.



I'm a social work intern at an inner city school in Minnesota and I facilitate a social skills group with kids who have "emotional and behavioral disorders". This was helpful for me to find a start for our transition into the end of the year, and for my own transition of leaving the school.
Thank you so much for the wisdom.

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Saying goodbye is surely not the easiest one can do. Just like Mrs. Bimba was getting it hard to bring the real sense to the children is the same way many parents break down to tears when telling their loved ones that the will be gone for sometime.

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