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June 19, 2007



I would love love love to see that packet and do it with my son!!


never mind....DUH..I clicked on the link...you are so on top of it ...Wonderful!!

Sophia Pappas


No problem. Let me know if there are other specific skills you want to work on with your son and I can send you some ideas for the summer.



This year I made individual detailed plans for each student. I provided paper, markers, colored pencils and books. I have instructed the students in how to use these items and what is expected. I am hoping that this will help parent keep their child engaged and prevent the regression I saw in my students last year. Another concern with this is the benchmark for September is quite a bit higher in September then it was in June. It is than up to parents to fill this gap.

Sophia Pappas

That's a great idea! I especially like how you invested your children by showing them how to use the materials and identifying clear expectations.


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